St. Leonards Sea Front

Note And Photos From :- Kelowna Trout Angler.

St. Leonards Sea Front.

When in England I feel compelled to visit the seaside at every opportunity. Usually inclement weather fascinates me more than at any other time. Sun, sea and sand is often raised as the reason for any coastal visit, but for me the rough weather is the draw. If you live near the coast then naturally you want the sea to be calm, with small ripples for waves breaking on the shore, be it sand or shingle. However you miss a great deal of the power and majesty of the sea by only venturing out in good weather.

Away in the distance there is Rye Harbour covered by cloud and the great shingle bank that runs out to Dungeness.

I took this shot about 2 pm on a blustery April day at St. Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex, England. This particular spot holds a memory of storms nearly 30 years ago when I would come down to this railing and tie my sea rod to a rail. The wind would howl as my neighbour and I would cast out into the rough water. That little beach you can just see is normally 60m wide, but when the storms come and there is a high tide, the waves come right to the promenade wall.

St Leonards Sea Front

We made the journey to St. Leonards and decided that we would fish through the high tide. The wind, rain and spray didn’t worry us because there was a shelter on the pavement where we used to spend our time.  I don’t think our catches were spectacular or merited the time spent, but the sights, smell and the noise of the sea – now that’s a different matter. Well worth the trip. The atmosphere was further enhanced if we fished at night, then the phosphoresence was something to see and the whole scene would get extra illumiination from the promenade street lights.

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