Rocky Mountaineer.

Note And Photos From :- Kelowna Trout Angler.

Rocky Mountaineer.

I have a fascination with trains and my first job in England involved an intimate working relationship with British Rail. The Rocky Mountaineer was a train which we had always wanted to travel on, and for many years we visited the travel agents in England and dreamed. Now our time had come and the dream was to be excorcised. There is a great choice of where to join the train, and options as to which carriages to travel in.  As this was to be a ‘once in a lifetime trip’ we decided to travel ‘Gold Leaf’ and join the train in Calgary, travelling through the Rockies to Kamloops for an overnight stop and then on through the Fraser Canyon to Vancouver.  Riding in one of the glass domed carriages we had fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and forests, and the staff were wonderful.  They kept us well informed during the whole journey and quickly alerted us to any wildlife along the way. The food was exceptional. Bison steaks, salmon and various other delicacies were eaten with great enjoyment.

The line takes you along the banks of the Fraser River, sometimes crossing valleys on tressles with sheer drops either side of the rail.

Rocky Mountaineer

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