Devonian Gardens Calgary.

Note And Photos From :- Kelowna Trout Angler.

Devonian Gardens, Calgary,Alberta.

On a trip to Calgary I was beset with a certain amount of unease. Imagine a largeĀ  shopping complex and, as you walk along the street, you look up at the huge buildings which enclose the area you are traversing on the ground. However, there is something odd. Above the second and third floors there seems to be a surprisng amount of glass roofing. You are forgiven for thinking how hot it must be on those areas under that glass and for the waste of energy that must be needed to keep the area cool.

Shopping was never my thing and in the UK there is always a well placed pub for the members of the ‘escape shopping committee’. Here there seemed to be something different as the shopping precinct seemed to be strangely welcoming. Something like this should always be treated with a slight amount of concern when you have been asked to go shopping with your wife and you ‘want’ to climb the stairs and go through a shopping mall.

All would be revealed as we climbed the stairs and entered through a large glass door to the sound of birdsong on the air. It had to be ‘piped’ bird music. But the shock of seeing a garden centre above a shopping mall required a double take. I was gripped with the desire to go back out of the glass door and come in again. Where were the racks of clothes or the endless displays of items to purchase and why were those flying things real ? They were birds. This was impossible.

It seems the people of Calgary have been blessed with a planner with forsight. The huge shopping complex has a garden area above, which boasts all the quiet sights and sounds you might expect from any suburban garden.

The sight which greets you as the door opens.

The Gardens

Just one of the many arches.


You walk along the paths and pass little scenic areas which beckon you to stay a while and relax. It’s so appealing you actually want to stay. You get left and your wife road tests the credit card while you drift away with a coffee and light lunch, purchased on a lower floor. The ambience of the place is lifted by the waterfalls, little streams, the fish and the wildlife.

Waterfall with stream and fish.

Devonian Gardens Calgary

Large fish are in all the pools.

Big Fish

You can stroll at leisure through the displays and throw some of your sandwich to the giant carp that you would love to catch at any other venue. Along each side of the level there is a series of walk ways, which go down the out side of the building and give that strange feeling that you had at ground level. The walk ways have more trees and plants with areas for seating. The birds fly past and you realise thay are nesting in the trees. Rising up a stairway and into another area you come across a pool with turtles resting in the sun.

Turtles resting.


All a surreal experience – it’s like Kew Gardens in the air.

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