A Seaside Town.

Note And Photo :- Kelowna Trout Angler.

A Seaside Town.

I make no apologies for showing pictures of the seaside. It’s a topic that I love. It’s the smell of the sea, the noise of the waves upon the shore and that raw power which always enthralls me.

Standing at the watersedge thinking of far away places and trying to imagine what it would be like to sail for a new life on some distant continent or fishing from a small boat in a large sea. All challenges which I doubt I will ever tackle.

 Bognor, West Sussex, England.


I know the sky is over cast and I do not intend to be critical of Bognor, I love it.

Those of you who know the area will have a mixture of feelings. Some may find the area depressing and others love the place. For me it has everything the seaside town has to offer and more in the surrounding area. A good place to stay and use as a base for the exploration of Sussex.

The picture shows a sign in the distance for bathers and although I have chosen a cold and dour day, come here when the sun shines and the weather is warm. You will begin to understand why people live near the sea and once it’s in your blood you can never live far away from it’s sights and sounds.

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