Kettle River

Note And Photo From:- Kelowna Trout Angler.

Kettle River.

The end of August and I made my first trip to the Kettle River, BC. For those of you who have never been and for those who have become " jaded " I found it an awe inspiring river. It flows alongside mountains and in many spots you stand in the water and look up at ragged rocks and crags. If you are lucky, as I was, an osprey or eagle may swoop down.

I tackled the water with a fly rod and Nos 4 line. Big buoyant flies were the order of the day and the fish were ready and eager to rise.

 In the picture the river can be seen turning right in the far distance. Here the water was squeezed and the pace quickened as the water tumbled over rocks into a deep pool. The day was warm and I dispensed with waders and stood in my shorts waist deep in water. Trout to about 1lb came to the fly. My grandson, who had been swimming, came down to tell me there were snakes in the water. Eels I thought, but on close inspection they were, indeed, snakes.

Kettle River

I tried several spots and my grandson tried spinning. Both of us were successful. We caught fish and picked wild blueberries from the bushes.

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Petersfield Lake

Note And Photo From:- Kelowna Trout Angler.

Petersfield Lake.

A trip to England saw me walking around a lake, which had remained in my memory from when I had been in the area seeking a new job.

The day was sunny, but from the distant clouds there was the threat of thunder and heavy rain. We parked the car and walked along the path. There was only one other couple on the circuit. I guess there was some benefit in taking a break outside of normal holiday time. The boats were moored out on the lake and there was a slight breeze, which carried a chill warning of what may come.

Petersfield Lake

In the lower corner of the lake I stopped to watch fish cruising around near some weeds. I assumed that they were carp and they were safe from capture. I had left rods and gear at home. Now was the time for looking and enjoying.

After the first circuit of the lake the weather held and our friends wanted to do another lap. Who could resist?.

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Hot Feet

Note And Photo From:- Kelowna Trout Angler, Canada.

Hot Feet.

"It’s always the same, they build these stages far to long. We have to walk  from the shallow end just to get in the water. However, on warm sunny days the surface gets hot and it burns your feet. So you have to hop and keep changing feet. Now it  may be ok for humans wearing those plastic beach shoes but we need decent carpet."

"Ah well I suppose we’re nearly there and then we can jump in the water to cool off. I hope that water isn’t to cold."


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Big Fly

Note And Photo From:- Kelowna Trout Angler, Canada.

Big Fly.

Early one morning, whilst walking along the shore of the Okanagan lake, fish spotting.

I saw this bug on the beach  and I hope the fish don’t start taking them or I’m going to need bigger hooks and a bigger rod.


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Baldy And His Fish

Note And Photo From:- Kelowna Trout Angler, Canada.

 Baldy And His Fish.

 It had been a glorious sunny day, just right for a trip out with the kayak on the Okanagan Lake. We paddled  along the side of the lake before the holiday makers came out with their speed boats.

There had been several Ospreys diving for fish and the geese were on the water in great numbers. As we passed a dense clump of trees at a point on the shore, we saw a couple of Bald Eagles perched in the trees. These are not an uncommon site and often they will fly above our house. The most we have seen was a group of 7 birds soaring into the sky.

Returning along the same route we noticed that one eagle was missing, perhaps it was fishing. Well the surprise came when this fellow plunged into the water about 60m away. It came off the water with great difficulty carrying a fish, a bit larger than it could deal with. The bird landed on a stage near us until it could get a good grip of it’s prey and then took off.


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Oyama Lake

Note And Photo From:- Kelowna Trout Angler, Canada.

Oyama Lake

A new lake  among the 200 or so that surround the valley. There really is not enough life left to try them all, but I’ll have a go.

The Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. in it’s guide had stated that" Oyama was a high elevation lake( about 1341m)  and had once been the home to monster trout". That was in the past and now good access and increased pressure have seen a drop in fish size. However the B.C Fisheries still stocks 25000 triploids annually in an attempt to redress the balance. Coupled with some extra regulation and the future looks good. Excellent value from your  fishing licence. There are no day-ticket charges in B.C as one would expect in the UK.

You get out the car and observe the view. You can’t fail.


Oyama is a large lake of about 261 Ha, depths of 24m can be seen.

On this occasion I did not take the boat and it proved to be a wise move as there were a few white caps on the waves which ran in front of the wind. The islands ( there are 27 of them ) would have provided some shelter, but I chose to walk along some of the trails and access the water wherever I could.


The best places to fly fish should be around the island shoals as one would expect, but fish are still to be found along the shore. I had several pulls and finally landed a trout of about 26cms. A fish in fine form and one which gave me the enthusiasm to return.


A good web site to view is the Go fish BC Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC found at

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Back to England….

Family matters have called your fearless editor back to the UK for a brief visit….

Rod is, as always, never far from hand and whilst the good lady of the partnership is having her teeth set, replaced and generally mended, you will find me somewhere on some river bank somewhere in Sussex.

Other than that, things have been quiet here at From The Waters Edge, as we prepare for various projects, from DVD’s to books, to magazines and other odds and sods.

We have various articles which should see the light of day shortly.

Pictures of the trip will be up here in a month, when I get back.

Tight lines!

Th Fisheman

An Unexpected Landing

Note And Photo From:- Kelowna Trout Angler, Canada.

Carp fishing in the Okanagan.

The lilies in the background had been a magnet for the Carp and I had taken full advantage of the opportunity. Sitting on the shingle had been a pleasure as the evening sun went down.

Each tree had been used as a vantage point for an Osprey as it systematically checked every spot for an easy meal. Coots and various ducks had fought their  way across the weed beds in attempts to gain the best places to rest up and sample the free offerings from the weed.

A Coyote could be seen up in the vineyards and occasionally a Muskrat would raise it’s head to surprise the ducks.

But the surprised widlife was nothing compared to mine, when in the early morning I returned to find this strange bird of prey sitting in the very swim I had vacated only a few hours earlier.


It seems the propeller had snapped and the plane came down. Everyone was ok.

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A Barbel From East Maskells

Note And Photos From:- Fred, Brighton, UK

Fishing the River Ouse in Sussex.

I had fished a number of swims all to no avail. I tried every bait in the book and just about every method I could think of.  For the last hour or so I decided to fish the notoriously difficult weir pool – not a bite.

I decided enough was enough and started to pack my gear leaving the rod until last. All packed, I went to pick up the rod when it hooped over. Another ten seconds and I would have missed the only bite of the day!

Ouse Barbel 1

A new PB Barbel at 12 lb 12 oz. A new Haywards Heath Club Record and a new Ouse Record.

Ouse Barbel 2

Caught 14th February 2008.

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