Enderby Salmon Art

When you pass through Enderby, British Columbia check out the metal art at the crossroads.

Homeward Bound

Taking Flight

Whilst it isn’t at the waters edge, it certainly represents a scene which so often can be seen at the stream or river side.  I stand and look at the eagle about to leave the nest and at the shoal of metal fish that pass along the edge of the wall. It’s like the fish are sheltering close to a wall hoping for the safety of the sheer face of brick.  Many times I have seen fish in rivers getting close to a deep cut in a bank where there will usually be deep water where they can hide from airborne predators.

The metal bird reminds me of the pleasure to see ospreys circle above my head when I’m fishing. The bird looks down on my hopeful attempts to catch fish.  It starts with interest and then flies away in boredom as I fail to catch in the presence of such an accomplished hunter.  Usually the osprey will retire to a tree nearby and then when I’m not paying attention it will launch itself into the water and come up with a fish.  I have had osprey dive at the water less than 50ft from my boat.  It’s at this point that my pulse flies in to overdrive if I hear the splsah and don’t actually see the bird dive.  Usually the osprey has a fish in it’s talons and it departs for some favourite perch or to a nest out of sight.

Have a look at the Enderby web page and if you have time, stop and browse. Better still visit the town and take in the sights.http://www.enderby.com/

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