Alberta Trout Stream.

Note And Photo From:-  Kelowna Trout Angler.

Alberta Trout Stream.

In the summer I was invited to fish this delightful trout stream. It was some distance into the bush and seemed idyllic as I walked it’s banks.

 Every spot seemed a likely hold for a rod bending fish. There were pools, glides and undercuts. At the start of the fishery there was a beaver pond and it was a pleasant place to spend some time before the treck up stream.

A light fly rod, floating line with a selection of floating/sinking leaders was all that was required. As usual I carried my small box of flies which I use for exploring small streams.

Alberta Trout stream

My fishing pal left me with those few words we all dread " beware of the bears and there is a moose in there somewhere judging by the crap on the ground ". He loves his hunting and I’m sure he enjoys every opportunity to spook me so that I don’t concentrate on my fishing. It usually works and he catches while I get to enjoy the scenery.

Alberta is blessed with a few good trout streams and eventually I will come to terms with my pal’s "rustic" sense of humour and start to catch the fish that live in beautiful suroundings.

Next year I will get my revenge. I’m taking him to a stream in BC, which I know he will enjoy. Lot’s of wild trout and best of all there are snakes – and he hates snakes!

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