A Barbel From East Maskells

Note And Photos From:- Fred, Brighton, UK

Fishing the River Ouse in Sussex.

I had fished a number of swims all to no avail. I tried every bait in the book and just about every method I could think of.  For the last hour or so I decided to fish the notoriously difficult weir pool – not a bite.

I decided enough was enough and started to pack my gear leaving the rod until last. All packed, I went to pick up the rod when it hooped over. Another ten seconds and I would have missed the only bite of the day!

Ouse Barbel 1

A new PB Barbel at 12 lb 12 oz. A new Haywards Heath Club Record and a new Ouse Record.

Ouse Barbel 2

Caught 14th February 2008.

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3 thoughts on “A Barbel From East Maskells”

    1. Hello Carl

      Thanks for the comment.

      Fred submitted the article, but I have had a few fish from the Ouse.

      If I were you I would get a ticket for the Haywards Heath club and start looking on their waters. Other stretches do hold barbel, but you will need to spend a great deal of time before you succeed. When I fish the Ouse I always travel light with a 9′ rod and centre pin reel (small fixed spool will do). I never use a bolt rig only sliding links then I can vary the weight quickly as I move from pool to pool. Line strength is usually 8 to 10lb depending on the pool and obstructions. !0lb would probably be the best to start with and you can add a 8lb link if needed. On most occasions I use a braid link, but I like the simplicity of main line straight to the hook. Most people will only fish the pool at Mascalls. I’ve had fish from the pool, but don’t enjoy sitting there with traffic noise etc as I like the more mobile approach. Wander downstream/upstream and try every small pool and likely undercut and if you approach the water carefully then you may even get a bite within minutes. For bait I use worms, meat, cheese paste, corn etc depending on the conditions when I get there.

      The Trout Angler

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