West Dart

Note And Photo From:- Kelowna Trout Angler.

West Dart.

Who can resist the temptation to put their feet into cool running water?. I always feel that the clear streams of Devon, England were designed for this subtle pleasure.

Where the streams cross the road they become a haven for human life seeking solace from the pressures of an urban existence. Young children will splash in the pools and elderly people with young dispositions will step warily from rock to rock and perhaps remember the games of youth. Paper boats can be made and it’s fun to cast them upon the water and watch them negotiate the rapids.

For the trout angler the Dart is a glory. The fish are wild and accessible for the price of a ticket.  A nos. 4 weight rod and 11/2 lb point  with small flies will work well. I would recommend that anyone seeking to pursue the fish should study that excellent book by Mike Weaver, " The Pursuit Of Wild Trout "

West Dart

As you head upstream from the  roadside, there are all manner of pools just waiting to be explored. Time is well spent beside the babbling brook and  more time will  be rewarded with fish of splendid colour. The sun may make the fish wary, but a careful approach and accurate cast will work. If you are lucky and anglers usually are, there may be a chance glimpse of wildlife that should set the pulse racing with excitement.

The stream is similar to some of my native rivers in BC, but the scenery is softer and very welcoming.

I wish you well and "tight lines and screaming reels" if you find yourself with rod in hand and walking along the banks.

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