Urquhart Castle.

Note And Photo From :- Kelowna Trout Angler.

Urquhart Castle.

Scotland has some wonderful places to see and explore.

It’s an odd feeling to look down at the Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness. There are centuries of history that can be explored, but I am more concerned with the water and the atmosphere surrouding the area.

Down in the depths there lurks the fearsome ferox trout.  It lives in the deeps and patrols a shadowy world.  It’s difficult to catch, although I’m sure anglers will employ a variety of tactics to achieve success.  There is another character which shares the deep waters of the loch, the ‘monster’.  There was a time when I thought that "Nessie" was alone, but now I know there are other fabled creatures which exist in deep lakes around the world.  So Nessie may be separated from family, but not alone.

Urquhart Castle.

I do hope that Nessie’s existence remains only in the sporadic sightings of a few dedicated seachers.  If ever we can prove that monsters do exist then we will have lost something forever. Wonder and doubt are such valuable things.

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