Shushwap Lake.

The Shushwap Lake in British Columbia, Canada is considered by many to be the houseboat capital of Canada.  For me it’s a large and beautiful body of water.  I stopped off one day just to admire the view and break the journey.  The weather was good, but storms had been predicted with a few thunder showers.

Looking out from the footpath were but a few of the many houseboats.  The season hadn’t even started.

Houseboats in the dock

Shuswap Houseboats

The footpath went under the railway bridge and I arrived as the goods train was about to pass over.  I got to 48 wagons and then lost count.  On other trains I have counted 84 and they measure over a  mile long.  Patience is a virtue if you arrive at a crossing as the train starts to go past.

The start of a long train

Canadian Pacific

Walking past the bridge after stopping to admire the size and power of the train I could see the clouds building for the first showers.

And moments later

Storm coming.jpg

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