Kettle River

Note And Photo From:- Kelowna Trout Angler.

Kettle River.

The end of August and I made my first trip to the Kettle River, BC. For those of you who have never been and for those who have become " jaded " I found it an awe inspiring river. It flows alongside mountains and in many spots you stand in the water and look up at ragged rocks and crags. If you are lucky, as I was, an osprey or eagle may swoop down.

I tackled the water with a fly rod and Nos 4 line. Big buoyant flies were the order of the day and the fish were ready and eager to rise.

 In the picture the river can be seen turning right in the far distance. Here the water was squeezed and the pace quickened as the water tumbled over rocks into a deep pool. The day was warm and I dispensed with waders and stood in my shorts waist deep in water. Trout to about 1lb came to the fly. My grandson, who had been swimming, came down to tell me there were snakes in the water. Eels I thought, but on close inspection they were, indeed, snakes.

Kettle River

I tried several spots and my grandson tried spinning. Both of us were successful. We caught fish and picked wild blueberries from the bushes.

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