Fishing At The Seaside

Note And Photo From:- Kelowna Trout Angler.

Fishing At The Seaside.

I stood on the shore at Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, looking out to sea. It’s always therapuetic and reminds me of home.

The sea brings a characteristic smell of salt and sea weed.  Waves make a sound upon the shore which cannot be emulated by the waters of  a large in-land lake. The tide was going out as I stood and watched container ships heading for the Pacific and the ferries passing along between the mainland and the island.

I could have stood for hours just watching the mesmeric action of the waves. As the gulls flew past with raucous call I spotted this fellow trying to get a meal. He walked steadily and without taking his eye off the water. Suddenly down went his beak and as he held his head under water it made me wonder at the success he might enjoy. Probably 2 out of 3 stabs was about right.

A heron at the seaside, something I had never seen.

Fishing At The Seaside

I had no idea what fish he was catching and it’s always a cliche to say that one will see something new everyday, but I was glad to have had this opportunity to see him fishing at the seaside.

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One thought on “Fishing At The Seaside”

  1. There is something mesmerising about the sight of a heron stalking his pray. I guess it must be their stillness, their poise, their utter concentration.
    I once stood, naked in my cabin, having just emerged from my bunk, totally immune to the cold, for goodness how long, watching a little egret struggling with an eel. The eel was just too big for the egret yet it fought to get it down its gullet until it was exhausted and the eel eventually escaped. One of those wow moments to savour in memory.

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